BizDev team gets bigger: welcome Elisa Tassoni!

What about yourself?

Although I am not originally from Trento, since I was born and raised in a small town in the surrounding area of Vicenza, I consider it as my “second’ home, as it has welcomed me several times during the past 7 years. Twice for university-related purposes – Bachelor in International Studies and Master in International Management – and once for U-Hopper-related issues!

By the way, I am 26, mostly positive and proactive person, in love with outdoor activities (especially sports) and mountain addicted.

How did you land at U-Hopper?

I’d say the stars just kind of lined up! Jokes aside, I was actively looking for a dynamic and stimulating professional experience. On a summer Sunday I visited a good friend from university, who had taken an internship and had written his master thesis at U-Hopper the previous year, working on a very interesting project. In between small talks, he mentioned that U-Hopper was looking for a business related figure. He described U-Hopper as a great environment, where it was possible to learn and grow a lot from the professional, as well as from the personal point of view. It was exactly what I was looking for, thus in the following weeks I got in touch with U-Hopper, gathered information, had a couple of interviews and… I was in!

When entering into contact with U-Hopper, what aspects in particular did you appreciate?

I consider myself a “people” person, so most of the time it is the first impression that counts to me. I surely remember being striked by the incredible availability and flexibility that the guys at U-Hopper had shown during both interviews, which was then confirmed further on during the recruitment process. It might sound contradictory, but I further really appreciated the punctuality of communication and execution, which in my opinion is essential to be efficient at work, as well as in life overall.

I’d say the perfectly balanced combination of these two aspects – not at all easy, nor obvious – which I had been looking for in a while, was the initial super positive impression that I was very happy to find in U-Hopper.

And aspects that you are appreciating after having started?

As a BizDev figure I’ll go straight to personal relations. I really enjoy the dynamic and heterogeneous team atmosphere at U-Hopper, where everyone is aware of being indispensable and valued by peers. All of this triggers great teamwork capabilities – not to be taken for granted! – which I believe are of key importance for each one of us to succeed and grow in everyday life.

Further, although I wrote a master thesis on the legal protection and new business models of autonomous and connected car-generated data, the world of big data analytics, machine learning and AI is fairly new to me. Therefore, on a more technical level, I appreciate the fact that everyday is a new discovery and somehow a challenge for me. Thank to the patience of my colleagues, I am – slowly – learning a lot on such topics.

Last, but not least, I love the fact that we are mostly very sportive: sharing passions and interests is absolutely great.

And this is just after a few weeks!

What are you expecting in the future at U-Hopper?

In three words: learn, grow, experience. I am willing to learn a lot of new and stimulating things, which will help me on the one side to grow on the human and professional level, on the other one to acquire experience that can contribute to the success of the team!

Any other interesting aspect about yourself? (personal interests etc., not professional)

I have got a big crash on travel adventures, which I have been experiencing since I was young, thanks to the (un)consciousness of my parents. And I am not going to stop, for sure!

Alright, thank you and good luck!

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