A talk with Giulia, our Operation Officer and GDPR expert

Hello Giulia! Tell us a little about yourself…

I am 34 years old, I am originally from Vicenza and I have been working as a lawyer since 2013.

Why in Trento?

Giulia Tosato - Operation Officer and GDPR expert

Even though I am emotionally attached to my region and my Venetian spirit, I must say that Trento really stole my heart. On sunny days, the city shows all its beauty and the surrounding area is wonderful. I moved to Trento to study Law at the University and since then, apart from a brief period in London during which I wrote my thesis and did some side jobs, I have never left.

Why a lawyer in U-Hopper?

My professional path has always been closer to the administrative and management world than to the court. In fact, my background is halfway between the legal and the management sphere. Over the course of my career, I had the opportunity to coordinate work groups and business processes, managing GDPR issues as well as solving strictly legal matters. At U-Hopper I will continue my journey as Operation Officer and GDPR expert, with a particular focus on the coordination of European projects.

You have been here for two months now, how was your first impact with the new job and colleagues?

Starting from scratch in a new office is never easy, but I have to say that my new colleagues at U-Hopper have been very supportive. The environment is young, informal and international, and everyone is always available and ready to help out.

What are the aspects you value most about U-Hopper?

There would be many to list! However, there is one main aspect that I really appreciate here: the caring way people are trained, supported and empowered with responsibilities. I have always thought that valuing people is one of the pillars of a company’s success and dedicating the right time to this key activities is fundamental. Moreover, I truly appreciate that company’s objectives and strategies are clear and shared among all employees. In my opinion, this is something very important in order to make everyone feel part of a big project.

What do you expect from this new work experience?

I imagine the company as a big machine where every single person is like an essential gear that helps creating something beautiful. My expectation from this work experience is exactly this: to become one of these gears and actively contribute to the success of the business. Moreover, I hope to enhance my knowledge and acquire new skills… but I do not have doubts! It took me just two months to understand that in U-Hopper there is plenty of room for growing and keeping on learning new things!

Apart from this, what do you do in your daily life? Any hobbies or interests?

I would say I am a very busy woman and a “social animal”! Indeed, I have a little boy, I like swimming, dancing and I love catching up with my friends and going out together for an aperitif or for dinner. I also have a passion for traveling and, at least once a year, I organize a trip to some remote villages on the other side of the world.

PS: the cover image is a picture Giulia took during a recent trip to Namibia!

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