Interview with our four new interns

Samuel, Stefano (Perenz to his friends), Sara and Thomas: here are our four young interns! Ambitious, determined and proactive, they joined the U-Hopper team a few months ago. 

All of them are students at the University of Trento, attending different courses: Thomas and Stefano study Informatics, Samuel is completing his Bachelor in Information and Communication Engineering, while Sara attends the last year of a Master’s degree in Management at the Faculty of Economics.

Right the University of Trento did the trick: they all got to know U-Hopper thanks to professors teaching at the academic institution or through the University’s online portal helping students and graduates getting in touch with companies – like ours – to find a suitable internship.

But how was the first impact of the company? We have them here to tell us…

Samuel: I would say excellent: I found myself in a welcoming environment, surrounded by people with different backgrounds and ready to share their knowledge and help. I would describe the team as a well-organized and efficient group, with always an interesting project on the table. 

Perenz: I agree with Samuel: the first impact was absolutely uncomplicated thanks to the super team of U-Hopper. Not only they are extremely well-organized, but they are always ready to help and collaborate with each other and with us, newcomers.

Thomas: I had the impression to enter into a forward-looking company, into an environment open to change – of any kind! For example, the team immediately proved to be very flexible even in adapting to full-time telework during this difficult period.

And what about you, Sara? 

Sara: Well, my first impact was definitely unusual! My first day of internship coincided with the first day of lockdown; so I got to know my colleagues online and started working remotely, without even see the office. But I must say that from the very beginning I felt part of a group of passionate people, full of energy, who faced the contingent situation with great optimism. 

The common goal for all of them is to dive into the dynamics of a high-tech company, develop new skills, learn how to apply them and how the job world looks like in reality. Last but not least, write an interesting thesis! Because.. well, to each of them, we have assigned a personal project, which will be then translated into their degree thesis. Guys, would you like to tell briefly what it is all about?

Samuel: I am working on the continuation of a project, that was carried out by U-Hopper in 2019 for the city of Ferrara. My goal now is to improve the existing code, and make the system more versatile and robust.

Perenz: My project consists in creating a system that analyses a user’s activities on social networks to extract useful insights for profiling purposes.

Sara: I study the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and branding, investigating how customer intelligence software, such as Tapoi, can help today’s marketing managers to define more effective brand strategies.

Thomas: My thesis will focus on the development of a system that allows a brand to automatically generate representative marketing personas, starting from the processing of data concerning the social activities of existing customers.

And looking at the future, what would you like to do? Your dream job?

Samuel: My goal is to find a job related to what I am studying, so that I can put into practice the knowledge acquired during my university career, but also where I can continue growing and make my contribution. A role as an Information Engineer would not be bad!

Perenz: I would like to travel, both for study and for work. And I already have a plan: in August I will go to Sweden and then I will move to Holland to start a Master’s degree in Data Science. Once I will finish my studies, I dream of working in an environment that combines my university career and sport, my greatest passion.

Sara: I would like to find a role at a management and strategic level, maybe in the tech and innovation sector.

Thomas: I would like to find a stimulating job that requires multidisciplinary knowledge, including, of course, IT!

Well guys, good luck!

Samuel, Perenz, Sara and Thomas: Thank you!

But let’s get through a last, somewhat bizarre question: what invention of the past would you have liked to have been the inventor of?

Samuel: A very useful invention for those who are not very good at maths, but which also helps engineers-to-be like me: the calculator.

Perenz: Mmh, earphones.

Thomas: I would say the first iPhone (I have always had Android phones, though!)

Sara: I guess Nutella, can anyone survive without it?!

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