Monitoring the Trento Sport Festival 2018

The first edition of the Sport Festival has taken place in Trento, Italy, during 11 – 14 October 2018. Being sport addicts, at U-Hopper we could not miss the chance to monitor the Twitter coverage of the event with Tapoi. We have also been using a new interesting analysis for the first time: the people […]

Monitoring the Trento Economics Festival 2018

This year the 13th edition of the Trento Economics Festival took place and we at U-Hopper were ready to monitor the Twitter coverage of the event with Tapoi.The main theme of this year’s edition has been Business and Technology and our analysis’ objective has been to verify (and actually confirm) that the social discussion was actually […]

Monitoring Trento Smart City Week 2018

Monitor the official Twitter account of Trento Smart City Week 2018 @trentosmart : this is what we have done during the four days of the event. Our objective has been collecting and presenting relevant information regarding the social coverage of the event.

Can Tapoi really predict your interests?

Summarizing the results of an experiment run with 161 users in order to test the ability of Tapoi’s profiling and modelling capability to actually predict the interests of users.