New entry of the dev team: welcome Stefano!

Hi Stefano! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 26 years old and I come from Val di Non, known above all for its tasty apples grown at high altitudes. In addition to working full-time at U-Hopper, I am a student of Computer Science at the University of Trento. I have only 2 exams left, and then I will complete my Master’s degree – looking forward for it!

How did you learn about U-Hopper?

I got to know U-Hopper’s team while I was looking for an internship that I actually carried out at ThinkInside, U-Hopper’s spin-off company. Apparently, the internship run well because at the end of my training I was immediately contacted by Daniele who offered me a job!

What do you do at U-Hopper?

I am a software developer and system administrator. Since my arrival, I have had the opportunity to work on different aspects and multiple projects, including Tapoi – the customer intelligence solution we are developing at the moment – and BlueAlpaca, the European project that involves the creation and implementation of four chatbot solutions to enable citizens accessing smart city services. Moreover, supported by Carlo, I take care of keeping the software infrastructure of the company online and functioning.

If you had to describe U-Hopper in three words, which ones would you choose?

Great Team Working!

Do you have any special hobbies or interests?

I do not have too much free time; you know, studying and working at the same time is not easy! But yes, as soon as I can, I cultivate my two greatest passions: photography and electronics. Indeed, I consider myself an amateur photographer. I like experimenting new techniques and my favorite subjects are portraits, even better if taken spontaneously when a person is not aware of being photographed, so that I can capture the true emotions of the moment! I am also enrolled in a small local photography group which sometimes organizes interesting excursions.

And what about your second passion, electronics?

From time to time, I enjoy designing and building small electronic systems that I can use to improve my photography, such as remote triggering devices or lighting control systems.

Interesting! Tell us one last curiosity about you!

Sometimes, I like playing around in the kitchen and try some new complicated recipes, with results (in my humble opinion) more than acceptable!

A promising Masterchef! Your best dish?

Wait! I am not at that level yet! For the moment, I only do “experiments” 😉

Thanks Stefano!

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