BlueAlpaca: a smart chatbot for a smart city

An innovative chatbot project in collaboration with the SynchroniCity EU project and the cities of Milan, Santander, Antwerp and Helsinki. The objective: making information and services accessible and usable by citizens.

Making citizens the eye of policy makers: SCENT

SCENT is a European Union research project funded under the Horizon 2020 program. Its objective is to engage citizens in environmental monitoring and enable them to become the eyes of the policy makers. In doing so citizens will have the chance to support the monitoring of land-cover use and changes by taking advantage of their […]

What a chatbot really is

It’s been roughly two years now since we started working on our first chatbot in U-Hopper. It was called Talk2Fiesta and was developed as part of the FiestaIoT EU project: it was meant to offer an alternative way of accessing environmental information (among the others temperature, humidity and wind) regarding the city of Santander, Spain. […]